Empowering youth to take action on climate change through education

The Gaia Project (“TGP”) is a New Brunswick-based charitable non-profit with the mission to empower youth to take action on climate change through education. For over 10 years, TGP has been providing in-class support to educators across New Brunswick and the unceded territory of the Wabanaki peoples by delivering hands-on experiences that ignite youth curiosity, enhance skill development, and provide meaningful and developmentally appropriate information related to the causes of and solutions to climate change.  

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What The Gaia Project Offers:

The Gaia Project delivers delivers educational programs based on two ambitious goals: lead climate action and education at every school across the province by 2025; and inspire every principal and educator to bring climate projects into their school through policies and programs at all levels. TGP’s suite of offerings can be categorized as project-based learning, digital learning tools, and climate leadership. 

Project-based learning 

These programs are hands-on opportunities for youth to learn how to collect and analyze data which leads to the implementation of more sustainable practices in the school community. These projects focus on waste, energy, transportation, food security and many other topics based on youth interests.  

Digital Learning Tools 

Online learning has become a major priority for the education sector in recent years. TGP provides localized lesson plans, videos and interactive learning experiences for youth in New Brunswick.  

Climate Leadership 

These high engagement programs include professional development workshops, school-wide certification with EcoSchools Canada, and a provincial youth leadership team for climate action.


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