Environment & Climate:
A Teaching Toolkit

  • YouCAN is proud to host a variety of Learning Experiences that can be brought directly into your learning environment to support youth.

    Explore a series of cross-curricular learning experiences for PP-12 learners to spark curiosity about climate change, oceans, energy, nature and more.

Environment & Climate: A Teaching Toolkit

Learning Experiences

Please make use of each learning experience however you see fit. Adapt, modify, and extend as needed! If you have any feedback on how this resource can be improved, or want to submit a learning experience to be included in this series, please let us know at professional-learning@cleanfoundation.ca.

Downloadable Resources

Grade Level
Niveau scolaire
10, 11, 12, 6, 7, 8, 9 Electrify your Ride

This online resource takes students and teachers on a deep dive into the world of electric vehicles 

Physics, Science, Technology
4, 5, 6 More than an Oyster Web

A follow-up to More than an Oyster Learning Experience, learners experiences connections in the environment.

Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
7, 8 Testing Albedo Effect

Learners use guided and free inquiry to design their own experiments to test the Albedo Effect.

Science, Technology
7, 8 Ocean Acidification Part 2

Learners test the effects of acidity on shells to replicate ocean acidification on shelled organisms.

Science, Technology
7, 8 Ocean Acidification Part 1

Learners develop skills to interpret pH levels, acids, and bases to better understand how to test waterways for high acidity levels.

Math, Science
4, 5, 6 More than an Oyster

Learners explore the ecology of oysters in Nova Scotia with an indigenous perspective.

Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
4, 5, 6 Literacy and Outdoor Education

Learners will write their own poetry based on observations and discovery during a nature walk.

Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
4, 5, 6 Exploring Nature with Two Eyed Seeing

Learners explore nature throughout the seasons through multiple modes including the senses while connecting with Indigenous ways of knowing.

Language Arts, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies
4, 5, 6 Exploring Albedo Effect

Albedo, the absorption of the suns heat by buildings and other urban environments, contributes to climate change. Learners can use temperature strips to explore this in the outdoor environment.

Language Arts, Math, Science

    Land Acknowledgment

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