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On this page you will find a number of external resources that relating to various aspects of climate change. These resources can help educators and youth better understand the environmental issues we face and how to take action to address them.

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This table lists resources covering everything from greenhouse gases to alternative energy. You can search by category, tag, or keyword as well as sorting by title.

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Natural Curiosity

Focused on inquiry-based learning and Indigenous perspectives, this organization, based at the University of Toronto, offers a variety of professional learning opportunities and created a book of the same name that is a guide for educators

, , LAUNCHeducators greenhouse indigenousindigenous inquiry-based
Thrive Outside

All children and youth should have the opportunity to play and learn in forests, parks, meadows and mud puddles. We work to connect children and youth with nature through policy, research, and practice

, LAUNCHeducators foodcamping children educators outdoors resource
A Matter of Degrees

Understanding climate change and how to solve it

LAUNCHeducatorsclimate-change denial justice podcast
Mothers of Invention

Focused on women who are fighting climate change around the world

LAUNCHeducatorsclimate-change empower feminist podcast women
How to Save a Planet

Upbeat hosts make learning about climate change solutions both informative and entertaining

, , LAUNCHeducators energy greenhouseclimate-change energy inspire podcast
What on Earth

Relevant and current, covering climate change topics that are important right now

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseclimate-change future podcast
What Does the Earth Look Like After We Solve Climate Change

Imagining what a positive climate future could look like

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseclimate-change fossil-fuels future podcast technology
Is Your Carbon Footprint BS

, , LAUNCHeducators food greenhouseaction carbon climate-change footprint podcast
10 Tips for Talking with Kids about Climate Change

Supporting kids who are having distress about climate change

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseclimate-change distress kids podcast support
How to Talk to Kids About Climate Change

Clear, concise and practical tips for talking to kids about climate change

, LAUNCHeducators energyclimate-change kids podcast tips
Wabanki Collection

The Wabanaki Collection connects postsecondary educators, grade school teachers, and the general public with a variety of resources that support enhanced relationships between all the peoples of Eastern Canada

, LAUNCHeducators indigenousculture history indigenous
Nasa Climate Kids

Climate focused interactive games and activities

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseactivities climate-change kids
Climate Kids

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseactivities climate-change kids
Nature Newfoundland & Labrador

Promotes the enjoyment and conservation of wildlife and natural resources in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador

LAUNCHeducatorsactivities not-for-profit wildlife
TED Countdown

Countdown is a global initiative, powered by TED and Future Stewards, to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseclimate-change innovation teachers
Project Drawdown

A nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “drawdown”—the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline

, LAUNCHenergy waterclimate-change not-for-profit policy
Climate Science

Climate Science aims to make learning engaging, accessible and reliable

, LAUNCHeducators greenhouseactivities climate-change courses

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication

LAUNCHeducatorseducation environment literacy sustainability
EcoSchools Canada

EcoSchools Canada works to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities.

, LAUNCHeducators greenhousecertification environment leadership sustainability
Solar Schools Canada (ssc-esc.ca)

We create smart, local climate solutions by collaborating with schools and education-oriented non-profits to develop, fund, and deliver renewable energy projects and related educational programs.

, LAUNCHenergy greenhouseclimate leadership not-for-profit renewable-energy solutions
Ocean School

Our mission is to provide learners, the next generation of ocean citizens, with the knowledge and tools to understand our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us

, LAUNCHeducators waterdiscovery education ocean storytelling
Education Corner – Mi’kmaw Conservation Group

To Promote and Restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy Watershed

, , LAUNCHeducators indigenous waterindigineous mikmaq ocean watershed
Learning for a Sustainable Future

LSF is a non-profit Canadian organization that was created to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system.

LAUNCHeducatorseducation educators not-for-profit sustainability youth
Divert NS

Divert NS is a not-for-profit corporation championing recycling in Nova Scotia.

, , LAUNCHenergy greenhouse wasteenvironment not-for-profit recycling stewardship
Clean Ocean Learning Coalition

The Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition (COLC) is an alliance of organizations, networks, institutions, communities, and individuals working together to better understand and advance ocean literacy in Canada.

, LAUNCHgreenhouse waterclimate literacy ocean weather
Green Learning

GreenLearning creates free education programs about energy, climate change and green economy that engage and empower students to create positive change for our evolving world.

, LAUNCHeducators energyclimate-change community education energy green-economy

Downloadable Resources

La Route Électrique
1 file(s) 31 downloads

Cette ressource en ligne permet aux élèves et aux enseignant(e)s d’explorer en profondeur le monde des véhicules électriques.

10, 11, 12, 6, 7, 8, 9 Mathématiques, Physique, Technologie
Electrify your Ride
1 file(s) 55 downloads

This online resource takes students and teachers on a deep dive into the world of electric vehicles 

10, 11, 12, 6, 7, 8, 9 Physics, Science, Technology
Plus qu’une huître
1 file(s) 60 downloads

Les élèves explorent l’écologie des huîtres en Nouvelle-Écosse à partir d’une perspective autochtone.

4, 5, 6 Arts du langage, Physics, Sciences Humaines
Tester l’effet d’albédo
1 file(s) 141 downloads

Avec ou sans encadrement, les élèves font leurs recherches pour créer une expérience qui leur permettra de tester l’effet d’albédo.

7, 8 Sciences, Technologie
Acidification des océans (deuxième partie)
1 file(s) 56 downloads

Les élèves reproduisent les effets de l’acidité sur des coquilles pour reproduire l’effet de l’acidification des océans sur les organismes à coquille.

7, 8 Sciences, Technologie
Acidification des océans (première partie)
1 file(s) 87 downloads

Les élèves acquièrent des compétences pour apprendre à interpréter les niveaux de pH, les acides et les bases et pour mieux comprendre comment on analyse les cours d’eau pour détecter les niveaux d’acidité élevés.

7, 8 Mathématiques, Sciences
Plus qu’une huître (Web)
1 file(s) 58 downloads

Pour approfondir les connaissances acquises dans le cadre de l’expérience Plus qu’une huître, les élèves font des liens avec l’environnement.

4, 5, 6 Arts du langage, Sciences, Sciences Humaines
Littératie et apprentissages en plein air
1 file(s) 118 downloads

Les élèves écrivent leurs propres poèmes à partir d’observations et de découvertes effectuées lors d’une promenade dans la nature.

4, 5, 6 Arts du langage, Mathématiques, Sciences, Sciences Humaines
Explorer la nature grâce à une approche à double perspective
1 file(s) 87 downloads

Les élèves explorent la nature au fil des saisons de diverses manières, notamment par les sens, en s’imprégnant des savoirs traditionnels autochtones.

4, 5, 6 Arts du langage, Éducation physique, Sciences, Sciences Humaines
Explorer l’effet d’albédo
1 file(s) 173 downloads

L’albédo, soit l’absorption de la chaleur du soleil par les bâtiments et autres environnements urbains, contribue aux changements climatiques. Les élèves peuvent sortir dehors et explorer ce phénomène à l’aide de bandelettes de mesure de la température.

4, 5, 6 Arts du langage, Mathématiques, Sciences
More than an Oyster Web
1 file(s) 127 downloads

A follow-up to More than an Oyster Learning Experience, learners experiences connections in the environment.

4, 5, 6 Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Testing Albedo Effect
1 file(s) 218 downloads

Learners use guided and free inquiry to design their own experiments to test the Albedo Effect.

7, 8 Science, Technology
Ocean Acidification Part 2
1 file(s) 122 downloads

Learners test the effects of acidity on shells to replicate ocean acidification on shelled organisms.

7, 8 Science, Technology
Ocean Acidification Part 1
1 file(s) 139 downloads

Learners develop skills to interpret pH levels, acids, and bases to better understand how to test waterways for high acidity levels.

7, 8 Math, Science
More than an Oyster
1 file(s) 129 downloads

Learners explore the ecology of oysters in Nova Scotia with an indigenous perspective.

4, 5, 6 Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Literacy and Outdoor Education
1 file(s) 160 downloads

Learners will write their own poetry based on observations and discovery during a nature walk.

4, 5, 6 Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
Exploring Nature with Two Eyed Seeing
1 file(s) 142 downloads

Learners explore nature throughout the seasons through multiple modes including the senses while connecting with Indigenous ways of knowing.

4, 5, 6 Language Arts, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies
Exploring Albedo Effect
1 file(s) 126 downloads

Albedo, the absorption of the suns heat by buildings and other urban environments, contributes to climate change. Learners can use temperature strips to explore this in the outdoor environment.

4, 5, 6 Language Arts, Math, Science